It's official! One Nation Childcare has received our second GOOD grading from Ofsted! See our latest report from Ofsted here.

Some key points made by the inspectors:

  • Children settle quickly in this welcoming setting...they form warm
    bonds with staff and arrive eager to explore the day's activities.

  • Staff are multi-lingual, so they communicate with children in their home language as well as English. This meets the diverse needs of the local community. Children's behaviour is excellent.

  • Staff ensure that they meet the needs of all children.

  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

  • There is an open and positive culture around safeguarding that puts children's interests first.

  • Partnerships with parents are effective.

Welcome to One Nation Nursery!*

One Nation Nursery is an exciting nursery that is a “home away from home” for your child!

One Nation Nursery prides itself on being open to children, regardless of their religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds - We are One Nation!

We understand that children thrive in their learning when they given the necessary support, and when they feel emotionally secure. As a result, our staff strive to promote an environment that is warm, friendly and caring to the individual needs of all children so that they can reach their maximum potential. Instilling essential values and morals are at the core of our objectives.

All of our staff are either fully qualified or in training with full support and guidance from our senior staff members. We aim to adhere to the government’s Every Child Matters agenda, which calls for the health and safety of all children, and provide the support they need to be able to enjoy and achieve, as well as enabling them to make a positive contribution to society.

(*One Nation Nursery is part of the One Nation Childcare Group)

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